Thursday, 20 January 2011

Painting Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Exceptional Painting Kitchen Cabinets Ideas – Easy Way to Bestow a Wonderful Look To Kitchen

Believe it or not, one of the most conspicuous places of a house is the kitchen which keeps you fresh, energized and always in the mood offering variety of delicious foods and drinks. As the kitchen stimulates a hunger or appetite, the colors or the paints used over the kitchen walls or kitchen cabinets should be taken as the indispensable parts of kitchen. As we are focusing our attention only on finding out the unique painting kitchen cabinets ideas in this article, we would share a few crucial information on many aspects related with the renovation or painting of the kitchen cabinets.

The painting kitchen cabinets ideas 
Before sharing the painting kitchen cabinets ideas, which you curiously must be looking for, we are revealing some info to help you reclaim your existing kitchen cabinets. The painting ideas on kitchen cabinets revolve not only around selecting the colors of paints and then painting the kitchen cabinet using a combination of the eye-catchy colors, but accomplishing the painting of kitchen cabinets without spending the money and time superfluously. If you do not care in parting with your money and are ready to hire a professional painter, the painting kitchen cabinets’ ideas will have no any significance to you as the money will be a good solution for you regarding the painting of the kitchen cabinets.

But if you are looking for one of most economical and effective ways of painting your kitchen cabinets, the painting kitchen cabinets’ ideas will help you accomplish the job with a great success. Do not waste your time and money looking for any professional kitchen cabinet painter as the cabinet kitchen painting ideas, which we are sharing over here, have got to make you boast of yours decision.Follow the tips to invigorate kitchen cabinet.
  • Inspect the kitchen cabinet- Before giving a final nod for painting your kitchen cabinet you should inspect its entire embodiment and replace the worn-out items like cabinet doors. Oh..hold on please… the decision of replacing the doors of your kitchen cabinet should be taken only after finding yourself left with no option except fitting the new kitchen cabinet doors. If your decision of removing the kitchen cabinet door stems from the worn-out hinges of kitchen cabinet doors, you should drop the idea of purchasing new doors for yours old kitchen cabinet as replacing the rusted hinges with the new ones will serve your purpose saving money which you would spend otherwise on the kitchen cabinet doors. Just after fitting the new hinges over the doors of your kitchen cabinet you will can move ahead in developing exceptional painting ideas of kitchen cabinets. 
  • Lazy Susan- It is one of most crucial parts of the kitchen cabinet which you should pay your attention on. You should put it into an order so as to meet all the cooking with a great success.
  • Place the kitchen cabinets in an order- Changing the existing order of the kitchen cabinets is one of the most important kitchen cabinet ideas, for it bestows innovative look to the entire kitchen spelling a beautiful impression to the visitors. 
  • Select the painting colors for kitchen cabinet- It is one of the indispensable jobs which every house owner is needed to accomplish. If you are in dilemma in triggering out an idea regarding the painting colors to be used in the kitchen cabinets, go through a wide-range of color-paints used especially over the wooden cabinets. Using a wooden color is one of the best kitchen cabinet painting ideas resuscitating the sluggish beauty of the kitchen.
  • Use primer- As you are accomplishing the job of painting your kitchen cabinets on your own, the chances of yours starting the painting of your kitchen cabinets without a pre-planning can’t be ruled out even in the least. Instead of adhering to a canonical painting of kitchen cabinets you should apply a primer, a base painting color. Using the primer over the kitchen cabinets is must, for it provides a good finish to the painted surfaces of the kitchen cabinets. You can use another glossy/shiny paint, “One Coat Melamine” in the place of common primer.   
  • Use synthetic brush if you are using latex paint.
  • Before starting the painting you should apply the primer and then let it get dried. Now perform a light sanding with Nº.200 or Nº.300 sand papers and wipe them out remove dust particles.
  • Start from the upper portion of the kitchen cabinets- As the color paints slide down and often affect the nether region’s of the painted cabinets, you should start from the upper portion of your kitchen’s cabinets.
  • After finishing the painting of entire kitchen cabinet you should move onto the painting drawers. 
  • Glue the broken corners of the kitchen cabinets- Before starting to paint your kitchen cabinets you should repair the kitchen cabinet so as to turn them into new kitchen cabinets. Maximum numbers of the cabinets are found to develop scratches or lost their corners. Repairing of worn-out corners and broken surfaces are must which you should accomplish before painting the kitchen cabinets. 
  • Do not paint the knobs of the kitchen cabinets- If the knobs or handles of your kitchen cabinets are detachable, remove them before starting the painting. Install the handles only after accomplishing the painting over the kitchen cabinets. 
  • Camouflage the scratches- If your kitchen cabinet was painted recently and now seems to have developed some scratches, you should not plan for the entire painting of your kitchen cabinates as only a few minor repairing works will meet your purpose saving your time and money at the same time.      Apply the filler, a material to be used to hide scratches of kitchen cabinet’s surfaces. After applying such type of filling-paint over the scratches, let the material dry. Re-apply it to develop a natural look of the paints painted over the kitchen cabinets.
  • Make sure that a cupboard or kitchen cabinets be free from moisture- As the moisture or water causes a harm to the kitchen cabinets you should ensure that the kitchen cabinets/cupboards be free from the dampness or moisture.
  • Tight the hinges of kitchen cabinets- If the hinges have become loose you should tight them through a screw-driver.
  • Ensure good ventilation- While painting the kitchen cabinets you should ensure 100% ventilation. Proper ventilation dries the painted colors much faster making the painting of kitchen cabinets very easy. 
  • Polish the surfaces of the kitchen cabinets with TriSoduim Phosphate (TSP)- You should polish the wooden surfaces of your kitchen cabinets with TSP wearing a glove.
  • Make a light sanding over the surfaces of the kitchen cabinets. It provides a smooth finish over the previously coated surfaces.
Pros and cons of different paints used for the kitchen cabinets 
  • Oil paint– You have got to come across a few pros and cons when using the oil paints which you should be aware of. Though painting the kitchen cabinets with oil paint is a good idea, it takes a long time in drying up. Best owing a glossy look to the surfaces of the kitchen cabinets the oil paints are needed to be painted with a great care as the chances of dust and flying filth sticking over the painted surface can’t be ruled out even in the least.
  • Oil-based primer- Though it adheres immediately over the surfaces of the painted kitchen cabinets, it also takes a long time in drying putting the painting to a halt for several hours. Besides, it smells very bad which may annoy you.
  • Latex paint- It also gets stick very easily over the painted surfaces best owing a smooth glossy finish to the surfaces of kitchen cabinets. It makes the cleaning of unwanted patches of oils or some sticky substances very easy.
  • Though using latex paint is one of the exceptional painting kitchen cabinets ideas, it is not widely preferred as it fails to provide same kind of glossy finish which the oil paints provide to the painted surfaces of kitchen cabinets.
  • Water-based primer- Though it also serves the purpose of painting the kitchen cabinets yielding a desired result, its effectiveness is often questioned. It is the acrylic latex primer which lasts for long requiring no any painting of the cupboards or kitchen cabinets much earlier.