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Feng Shui Colour for your Kitchen

Feng Shui Colour for your Kitchen

In Feng Shui the colours and tones you use and blend together can create a serene calm place to cook and socialise in or a fiery hot and exciting place to work. Understanding this can help to create the perfectr kitchen for the mood and ambiance you seek to create. Ignorance of this could lead to creating a kitchen that may look beautiful but feel uncomfortable to cook and entertain in.

Feng Shui Colours

Red colour signifies richness and luxury. Used sparcely and carefully in your decor with accessories and details in offers that spice which your kitchen might need. However, too much red will create a kitchen which is hotter than raw chillis creating restlessness and irritation.

Yellow color signifies the energy of the Fire in a much subtler way than red; it can be used in much larger quantities as it helps to strengthen well being and confidence thus it is an all round pleasant colour to use in your kitchen.

Green color is calming for your nerves and good for your well being. It helps to create healing feng shui vibrations from Mother Nature. In order to maximise the effect of green use various shades as you would find in a peaceful forest of woodland.

Black color reperesents the feminine. passive energy that moves like the deep ocean waters which it also represents. Black signifies strength and grounding and can be used sparingley to emphasize other colours in your kitchen.

The colour white signifies cleanliness, freshness and crispness. It calms the psyche and spreads healing feng shui vibrations with your kitchen.

The colour blue signifies healing, refreshing waters and clear skies. Light blue is color of harmony and gentle growth, while darker blue represents deep calm and serenity. Blue works well with white.
The colour orange creates the feng shui energy to promote lively conversations and good times in your kitchen. This is an excellent colour for kitchens where family and friends can sit down and socialise as it is a socialising colour. On cloudy days or during winter it is a warm colour.

The colour purple represents spirituality and is very strong colour which like black shoud be used with moderation. 

The colour brown is a feng shui color choice for the main entry of the kitchen, or as a feature wall. It is natural and nourishing colour.


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