Thursday, 18 November 2010

How to Find a Cheap Kitchen

How to find a cheap kitchen

Saying that it is easy to find a cheap kitchen cabinet is one thing and finding once actually is another thing. While we tend to focus on the cheap rates, we often end up getting degraded quality for our kitchen. So, it is important to know what all to consider while going in for cheap kitchen cabinets.

Stock Cabinets
Those who want to restore their kitchen within a limited budget, can try installing stock cabinets. These cabinets are easily available in many home improvement stores that too in different styles. The best bets in such cabinets can be grabbed in seasonal sales.
Semi-Stock Cabinets
Next option that can suit those with a shoe-string budget for their kitchen renovation is to use semi-stock cabinets. Like stock cabinets, these cabinets too are available in different sizes and styles. These cabinets usually have wood fronts and high quality construction. Moreover, you can get them customized as per your requirement. Try to get semi-stock cabinets with thicker plywood for a longer life.
Custom Cabinets
Whatever color and finishing you want, you will get it in custom cabinets.

These are one of the cheapest kitchen cabinets available in the market. They are usually made of solid wood for greater durability. You can easily get discounts on these kitchen cabinets from various kitchen accessories stores and home decoration stores. The best way to get best deals on custom cabinets is to ask the cabinetmaker to make the cabinet from engineered wood that is available in lesser price.

So, now we assume you have all the ideas required to get a cheap kitchen cabinet for your kitchen renovation. However, remember that in an urge to get cheap rates, you don't end up getting cheap quality of kitchen cabinets and to avoid this try to research in the market and then settle with the best options.


  1. Thanks Al for the information. Its really useful. I appreciate the tips on finding a cheap kitchen. Love the pictures you certainly know your stuff.

  2. Any time, please feel free to ask questions or request me to cover specific areas of interest pertaining to kitchens and will endeavour to cover them.