Thursday, 18 November 2010

Low Budget Kitchen Renovation Ideas

 Low Budget Kitchen Renovation

If you have a low budget and are about to start a kitchen renovation, then you should consider saving money on the most expensive items in a kitchen renovation, which are kitchen cabinets and countertops. You can find cheap kitchen cabinets to match the color and theme of your new kitchen. Just because the cabinets will be cheap does not mean that you will be sacrificing quality. There are different kinds of kitchen cabinets and countertops that you should consider in your renovation.

If you have a very low budget, you should incorporate stock cabinets as a part of your kitchen renovation. Stock cabinets are available in all standard sizes. However, not all styles and designs are available with stock cabinets. You can find these cabinets at most home improvement stores and do not have to wait to carry them home. You will find that these cabinets are of the same quality as other cabinets, but they are more affordable.

For low or limited budgets, you should avoid semi-custom or custom built cabinets. Both kinds are more expensive than stock, with custom-built cabinets being the most expensive. Custom built cabinets are made from scratch by a cabinetmaker according to your specific design and size requirements. There is a significant wait time for semi-custom and custom cabinets.

When selecting the countertop, the cheapest options available are plastic laminate and ceramic tile. But, be aware that there are both pros and cons with each option. Both laminate and tile are available in numerous colors and styles. So, you'll have great flexibility in choosing a color scheme for your kitchen. What makes these options even more attractive for low budget homeowners is the fact that you can install them by yourself. So, you can decrease the total labor costs involved in renovating your kitchen.

The downside to using plastic laminate is that it is not heat resistant. Hot pots and pans could burn and melt the laminate. With ceramic tiles, there is the risk that a tile may crack or become chipped during the regular use of the kitchen. So great care will have to be used with either option.
You can also enhance the look of your kitchen with an affordable double basin kitchen sink. A double basin adds both beauty and functionality to your kitchen.

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  1. Great ideas. All the information are really informative especially for small kitchen. I am so curious to renovate my kitchen as per this ideas. I hope that It would be help so.

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