Monday, 24 October 2011

Tuscan Kitchen Remodel

Tuscan Kitchen Remodel

6 Ways to Achieve Tuscan Kitchen Design - L Donaldson

Tuscany is well know for its beautiful landscapes, delicious wines and fabulous fresh foods. Many who have traveled to Italy yearn to have a Tuscan style kitchen in which they too can prepare delicious gourmet meals in a charming old world setting. Even those that have not traveled to Italy yearn for a kitchen that possesses all the magnetic charisma that a Tuscan style kitchen beholds. There's something sweet and grandmotherly yet boldly noble about Tuscan kitchen design that makes it one of the most popular design styles for kitchens today.
If you are planning a kitchen remodel or designing a kitchen from scratch, incorporate the following items and you will have the Tuscan kitchen of your dreams.

#1 - Granite or Marble Countertops
Old World Tuscan style kitchens often have natural stone kitchen countertops. Marble countertops are ideal for kneading dough for fresh baked bread. Granite countertops are the most durable of all and will last forever if cared for properly. Granite is ideal for chopping fresh vegetables and no cutting board is required. Granite is the strongest of stones, second only to the diamond. It doesn't matter what color of stone you choose because natural stone colors blend well with the Tuscan color palate.

#2 - Tuscan Colors
The Tuscan color palate is one that is reflective of the natural surrounding outdoors. Rich shades of ochre and sunflower gold, poppy red, burnt sienna and aged copper, almond and walnut brown and shades of green from olive to rich cedar are all very popular. Rich colors infuse a Tuscan style kitchen. You will rarely find a Tuscan style kitchen that is a clear white or dove gray. Colors are rustic, deep, bold and earthy.

#3 - Kitchen Island
In Old World Tuscan kitchens the center table was a place to not only dine but to also prepare food. Peeling and chopping was often done at the table, then the table would be cleared for eating after the meal was prepared. Now we desire kitchen islands that make meal preparation even easier and normally offers bar stools or counter seats for those that want to eat there in the kitchen center.

#4 - Iron Accessories
Old World Tuscan style kitchens are known for their substantial iron chandeliers, candelabras and candlesticks. To achieve a modern-day version of this look, there are many iron light fixtures, candle holders, wall sconces and simple iron wall decorations that when added create the look of Tuscan kitchen design.

#5 - Natural Stone Backsplash
Old World Tuscan kitchens often incorporated real stone into the walls. The homes were often made of stone and so many times the inside of the home went unfinished and the stone was beautifully exposed. Especially around the hearth there would be natural stone due to its' natural fireproof properties. Today a natural stone backsplash in the kitchen gives that old world Tuscan appearance. Behind the cooktop, natural stone is especially effective in use and appearance.

#6 - Natural Stone Flooring
Old World Tuscan kitchens normally had floors made of natural stone. The stone is durable and easier to keep clean than other materials. Today natural stone floors are more popular than ever since they will last forever and don't harbor dust, bacteria and odors like carpet and wood. Natural stone tiles such as travertine, slate, granite and marble are easy to install and maintain.


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