Saturday, 22 October 2011

Bespoke Kitchens

Bespoke Kitchens

A bespoke kitchen is those looking to have a kitchen that does things they want it to do and to look its best at all times. A bespoke fitted kitchen will be catered to you, to give you the most out of your kitchen with optimal use of space.

The optimal use of space will allow the kitchen to become the main hub of your home. Depending on the size of your family everyone will have different needs from their bespoke fitted kitchens. That is why having a bespoke fitted kitchen is special to you. You are able to put in worktops, shelves and custom fit appliances and lay them out in the kitchen the way you desire. This is what it separates bespoke from other off the shelf kitchens its ability to match what you want.

So how do we make the kitchen the centre of your home? Well first let see what you want out of your kitchen? Are you looking for a small kitchen that you are in and out of? Would you like a kitchen where everyone can come in and help cook with dinner? Do you want a kitchen where the kids can sit down and eat breakfast before going to school?

Wow that probably seems like a lot of information to process at one. Dont worry take a week and write down what you like and don't like about your kitchen. Once you have completed that you will have a good starting point. Now you should look at other kitchens and see what you like and don't like from other kitchens. To look at other kitchens you have multiple options. You can go look at friends, open houses, home improvement stores and finally magazines.

Make sure when you look at stores to look at the most popular bespoke fitted kitchens so you know exactly how things can be fitted together. Now that you have more information than you ever wanted on kitchens you need to decide on how you want to go forward.

Now you are going to have a few options. First you can design your kitchen yourself and look to hire someone to build it under your guidance. Secondly you can find a contractor that can design and build the kitchen by using your ideas. You have one more option and that's to hire a designer to get the kitchen you want and then hire a contractor who can accomplish your goals.

Here are just a few ideas that you can look at to make the kitchen the centre of your home; first look into placing an island in the middle of your kitchen. This will allow people to flow around the kitchen when working. I also prefer putting bar stools at one side of the island so people can sit down and eat in the kitchen. If there isn't room for an island look at having a view into the kitchen on one side of the countertops that can be used for people to sit and eat at.

Remember at the end of the day to design the kitchen you want and that is the benefit of a bespoke kitchen. 


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