Monday, 1 November 2010

Consider Concrete Kitchen Countertops For Your Kitchen

Consider Concrete Kitchen Countertops
For Your Kitchen
by Samantha Kay

When it comes to maximizing the visual appeal of a kitchen, nothing achieves this at a more affordable price than kitchen countertops. Because they cover so much space in the kitchen, countertops can visually transform the tone of the room; so choosing the countertop material that will make the most of your renovation dollars can be something of a challenge.

While granite and ceramic tile countertops are among the more popular choices for countertop materials, concrete kitchen countertops are increasingly becoming a countertop material that homeowners seek.

Concrete kitchen countertops have achieved this level of popularity as much for their unrivalled durability as their cost. Many commercial kitchens have made the choice of concrete simply because of how well they hold up under a myriad of conditions typical in the kitchen environment.

For consumer kitchens, concrete holds just as much appeal; as its durability is appealing to serious cooks and its low maintenance is equally appealing for busy families.

When choosing concrete kitchen countertops you have the ability to choose between two distinct options. There are pre-made countertops that are purchased in one piece and then installed into your kitchen. This is an affordable way to install this material into your home and installation can either by handled by a professional contractor or a skilled do-it-yourselfer.

There is also the other option, however, to have a contractor actually build, pour, and form your countertop onsite. Keep in mind, however, that this is the more expensive option and requires a professional with enormous skill and precision to achieve the outcome you desire.

The advantages of concrete kitchen countertops are all about their durability. While there are many countertop materials that can be considered durable - such as granite, ceramic, and engineered stone - concrete particularly has a level of resilience not inherent to other materials. In addition to its resistance to heat and humidity, concrete is also unaffected by all corrosive materials as well as any impact to which it may be subject.

The best thing about concrete kitchen countertops is that they can be stained with any color of your choice. Also, the top layer can be finished as beautifully as you want; with any type of stone and design you desire.

There are problems associated with concrete, however, and anyone who chooses to install such countertops into their home are advised to pay heed to these issues. If you live in a climate that experiences rapid changes in temperature, you need to take extra precautions when it comes to using concrete. This is because the concrete can crack if it should contract, in response to the weather. Most common concrete kitchen countertops come with sealant so that the material is kept protected at all times.

Ultimately, choosing concrete kitchen countertops depends solely on your need for a high-end durability and low maintenance material. Think outside the box when it comes to shopping for kitchen countertops and you will be assured to find the perfect material to suit your needs.

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