Monday, 1 November 2010

Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Tips For Choosing Kitchen Countertops
by Liz Wood

Kitchen countertops have two main functions. The first function includes providing a work surface for preparing food and handling other kitchen activities. The countertops second function is to provide an attractive appearance which will enhance the look of your kitchen. It's important to know how to select a kitchen countertop that satisfies your criteria for both.

Countertops are one of the first things you notice when you walk into a kitchen. Before you know it you are placing items on the countertop, preparing food on the countertop and resting your elbows on it as well. But not only do your countertops need to be functional; they also need to be attractive and easy to clean up. Great countertops bring beauty and style into your kitchen, as well as practicality.

Picking out the countertop that will work best in your kitchen involves your personal preference, as well as a deep look into the unique features that each countertop material has to offer. Important features include durability, ease of cleaning, safety and style. The idea is to find a countertop that will add beauty and practicality to your kitchen for many years to come and also be easy to work with. But keep in mind; countertops are a very large investment so it's critical that you get the right ones.

Durability is one of the first features you need to pay attention to when shopping for countertops. A resilient surface is important because countertops take a great deal of beatings over their life span. Certain materials will crack, burn and stain when exposed to the elements within the kitchen, such as sharp knifes, hot pans and standing water. Durable countertops may cost more, but they are well worth the money spent because they will provide longer lasting beauty and functionality.

In addition to durability, countertops must also be easy to clean up because getting dirty is one of Mr. Countertop's favorite things to do. You will appreciate a countertop that cleans up easily because it is so common for drinks to be spilled, food to get splattered all over, water to leak from the sink area, and for dressings and toppings to fall off everywhere. You want to choose a material that makes cleaning these messes up easier on you. Keep in mind, the more porous the material is, the easier it will be to stain.

Safety is another concern that you should have with new countertops, especially if you have small children. You want to make sure that the corners of your new countertops are rounded because sharp edges may cause serious injuries. You should also consider buying countertops that are specially treated to lower the amount of bacteria build up on the surface of the countertop. Too much bacteria on the surface may cause food poisoning.

The last thing you want to put thought into is the style of your countertops. You want your kitchen countertops to complement the design of your kitchen. The color and texture of the material you choose will play a major roll in the way the countertop looks. You must also consider how the material fits into your current kitchen design. Kitchen showrooms are a great place to visit to get an idea of how different countertop materials fit into kitchen designs.

Every process begins somewhere. In selecting the right countertops, a great place to start is to think first of how you plan to use your new countertop. Do cook a lot? Steel is very easy to clean and is the perfect choice for serious cooks. Do you like to bake a lot? Granite offers a smooth surface for rolling out dough. Butcher block tops are also great for both of these tasks. Are low maintenance and easy cleanup most important features? If so, consider plastic laminate tops. Is cost a major concern? Tile offers an inexpensive and durable surface.

Countertop Options:

Plastic Laminates
Butcher Block
Recycled Paper
Recycled Glass
Ceramic Tile

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