Thursday, 7 October 2010

Remodel Kitchen with Kitchen Cabinets & Hardware

Kitchen Cabinets & Hardware

Branded as the building blocks of the heart of homes, your kitchen cabinets collectively make up for a great part of the functionality as well as the ambiance of the room. For this reason changes in your cabinetry is a remodeling project in itself that can easily spruce up how kitchens look and feel. To complete the look of your kitchen cabinets and make them as practical as they should be, among the essentials is the hardware. This article discusses more on cabinetry hardware and how you can make details count.

When we talk about hardware, these are not limited to practical metal items that are needed to keep your kitchen cabinets whole and working as efficiently as can be but these can also be used for aesthetic purposes as well. Today, you can find a wide assortment of hardware that are made from different materials such as satin nickel, porcelain, plastic, wood, stone, glass and stainless steel and comes in various shapes, sizes and designs to perfectly complement whatever style of cabinetry or vanity you plan to spruce up from classic to eclectic and anywhere in between.

There are different ways to update the hardware of your kitchen cabinets to achieve an entirely new look and function without spending a fortune.

• Refinish. If your kitchen cabinet hardware is in great condition and you love the shape and design they brandish, you can make them more interesting simply by refinishing. There are various ways to go about this, but the process will depend on what look you want achieved. Some of the most common techniques used include repainting with brush or spray applicator and plating. Make sure that they are cleaned off properly and in case of rust—sanded and primered.

• Replace. Buying another set of hardware for your kitchen cabinets is another way to update the heart of your home. If your budget is limited, and you can only purchase several pieces, then make sure to match the design and finish of the old ones to the new. Mix and matched look is a great idea but be sure to do it right or the results will be disastrous. When shopping for kitchen cabinet hardware, some essential factors to look into are the size, material, color and finish, price as well as theme of the design—for example pretty floral details for garden-themed kitchens.

Some of the most common hardware used to make kitchen cabinets look appealing and work efficiently includes:

1. Knobs and pulls- are mounted on cabinet doors and drawers through a bolt and screw assembly to make opening and closing easier. Most hardware already comes complete with screws.

2. Door catches- helps keep cabinet doors stay shut. There are various types of this hardware to choose from and your choice will depend highly on how you want your kitchen cabinets to work. These vary in installment and operation and some of the most common are: roller spring, magnetic, bullet and touch catch.

3. Hinges- hold the doors to the frame of kitchen cabinets. Depending on the door style, there are different types of hardware to use such as ornamental strap hinge or a concealed hinge, semi-concealed cabinet hinges and pivot hinge.
By: Eugene G. Makeev

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