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Kitchen Remodel Solutions - Resolving Kitchen Design Problems

Kitchen Remodel Solution

Choosing to remodel your kitchen is the first step toward introducing a more creative and stress-free environment for cooking and socializing. The optimal kitchen design is functional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Incorporating these qualities into your kitchen design requires a work triangle, optimal cupboard and pantry space, a proper kitchen lighting design, and space for socializing.

Problem: Cramped or spread out work space.
Solution: Create a work triangle.

As the name suggests, your work triangle should incorporate food storage, a cooking zone and a cleanup area as the three points of a triangle. When developing your new kitchen design, it is important to know the details of each area included in your work triangle. Is the storage area in each zone sufficient for housing all of the area-specific items? For instance, does your cooking station offer convenient storage within arms' reach for pots and pans, cooking utensils, and spices? Are obstructions keeping your work triangle from being a triangle? How much space do you have, or need, between each zone? Do you have adequate counter space?

There are several kitchen remodeling design schemes that allow for a convenient work triangle. Here are a couple of examples:

Equilateral. An equilateral work triangle that positions the sink as the top point of the triangle, with the stove and refrigerator as the two bottom points, is useful for maximizing speed and efficiency.

Isosceles. An isosceles work triangle that arranges the sink and stove adjacent to each other as the bottom points, with the refrigerator at the top point on the opposing wall, is a great kitchen design for maximizing counter space.

Problem: Not enough cabinet space.
Solution: Install a pantry.

Your kitchen remodeling efforts will be in vain if you do not consolidate as much countertop and storage space as possible. To give your work triangle the breathing room it needs, consider a more efficient storage solution, such as a pantry for storing canned and dry food. The pantry should be located close to the food preparation area, as well as near the refrigerator to save time unpacking groceries. Some kitchen remodeling ideas for modest-size kitchens include: installing a shelf in a small space on an open wall; expanding established cabinets and incorporating shelves; or buying a separate pantry that can be placed off to the side in a corner.

Problem: Dull lighting.
Solution: Incorporate task and accent lighting.

The kitchen lighting design has both practical and aesthetic value. Without decent lighting, a kitchen design can become dull and uninspiring. There are several types of kitchen lighting to alleviate this problem:

Task lighting. Task lighting goes directly above the area where you prep and cook your meals. Adequate task lighting allows you to more closely inspect your food and wield your knife as accurately as possible.

Accent lighting. Accent lighting provides the aesthetic element of your kitchen lighting design. It gives the room a lucid glow and provides a comforting atmosphere conducive to creativity.

Problem: Kitchen feels crowded or isolated.
Solution: Designate space for socializing.

The kitchen is often referred to as the most social area of the home, and a functional kitchen design should include built-in space for socializing. The kitchen's social space should be removed from the work triangle, so as not to impede the cooking process, and preferably situated around it. An encompassing social space allows for the cook to be involved and sociable instead of cramped in a corner facing a wall. To this end, bar stools or a table can be used to allow seating near the work triangle, allowing the chef to engage in conversation. Keep in mind to match the decor of the kitchen design so as to create an aesthetically pleasing social space.

These are just a few kitchen remodeling ideas to get you started with your new kitchen design. A work triangle, ample storage, task and accent lighting, and social space are key components to any functional kitchen. Keep these ideas in mind to make your remodeled kitchen more functional, tasteful and sociable than ever.
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