Saturday, 2 October 2010

Kitchens Designs

Kitchens Designs

We advise you to look at various kitchens designs and thoughts on the various postings on this blog to inspire kitchen remodeling ideas for your kitchen design needs. If you are having trouble deciding on your kitchen you may want to consider the following:

Theme/style - Is is contemporary, modern, bespoke, unique, country, timeless, ornate, minimilist
Colour scheme - Black and white, bright, shocking colours, pastel shades, strong contrasts, intuitive
Layout - Gallery, Corridor, L shape kitchen, U shape kitchen, Island Kitchen, open plan
Flooring - wooden, tiles, lino, stone
Lighting - subtle, strong, static, adjustable
Kitchen's functions - food preparation, cooking, serving and washing-up are the main jobs all kitchens need to fulfil.
Ventallation - is there enough ventallation to rid your kitchen of strong odours.
Kitchen flooring - wood, ceramic tiles, stone tiles, slate, rubber, laminate
Size - Small Kitchen, Medium, Large
Cost - budget, mid range and expensive

We will be posting kitchen design and remodelling ideas around the above key points to inspire your kitchen design ideas and help you design your perfect kitchen.


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