Sunday, 3 October 2010

Kitchen Designs - Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen Layouts

When you consider designing your kitchen the layout of your kitchen is very important integral part of the final result. Your design should take into consideration ventillation, light and space. An efficient kitchen design provides for proper ventilation and enough space to move around. A kitchen is centred around the arrangement of the cooker, sink and refrigerator. Their proximity will dictate the efficiency and functionality of the kitchen. There should be sufficient space for food preparation, drainage and access to refrigeration units even in the smallest of kitchen space. There are number of kitchen layouts that can help to enhance space, functionality or even the look of a kitchen. Some look better than others depending on the space available in your kitchen. Below are a number of kitchen layouts to inspire your kitchen design and remodeling plans. If you are feeling creative and innovative and do not want to use standard kitchen layouts there are also alternative kitchen layouts that break the rules to create something more unique and personal for your distinct tastes.

L Shape Kitchen

U Shape Kitchen

Single sided Kitchen

Double sided Kitchen

Galley Kitchen

Island Kitchen

Peninsula Kitchen


Alternative/Contemporary Kitchen layout


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