Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Achieve the traditional look for your kitchen

Achieve the traditional look for your kitchen

Traditional kitchens lend a cozy, inviting air to your home. Warm wood tones, antique appliance accents, farmhouse sinks--nothing evokes the comforts of home like traditional kitchens. And unlike some of their more sleek and modern counterparts, traditional kitchens have the functionality built right in.

The traditional look is far from stodgy or limited. Traditional kitchens can incorporate an amazing variety of design options, from farmhouse to elegant. How to achieve the perfect look for you? Consider all the components of traditional kitchens with an eye toward daily use as well as design. As you scan the many options traditional kitchens offer, you may see that you are aiming for a particular flair such as French, Italian, or American Colonial. Knowing your design preferences will help you find the best products for your traditional kitchen.

Starting from the ground up, consider flooring. Some traditional kitchens feature wide wood plank flooring which can be made from reclaimed lumber for a green touch. Ceramic tile lends either a breezy or warm air, depending on the color chosen. Don't discount more modern solutions for traditional kitchens, though. Even a concrete floor can be stained and etched to look like tile or marble.

If the kitchen is the heart of your home, cabinets are the heart of traditional kitchens. Decide whether you prefer natural wood, splashes of color, or more of a French provincial white. Glass-paned cabinet doors are a lovely touch, as are built-in pieces that appear to be antique and freestanding.

Countertops perfectly suited for traditional kitchens are available at any price point. Affordable laminate countertops come in a variety of beautiful finishes to complement cabinetry and appliances. Other options include granite and butcher block.

Traditional kitchens often feature something a bit different in the way of appliances. Consider an apron-front sink or an antique stove. Pay attention to functionality as well as design, though. Don't despair if you prefer a more modern appliance. Stainless steel ovens can blend right into traditional kitchens, especially if they have a warm touch like red knobs. For refrigerators, consider the cabinet front models that fit seamlessly into the overall look.

Flooring, cabinets, countertops, and appliances--check, check, check, and check. You've selected your favorites, now how do they blend? A design professional can advise you as to how your preferences will play out in your space. With careful planning, traditional kitchens can achieve a look that is both warm and open, spacious and cozy.

Remember final touches. Traditional kitchens with just the right amount of accent invite without overwhelming. Consider scatter rugs, pot racks, and light fixtures as part of the overall design.

Is there room left in your budget? Traditional kitchens with a dramatic focal point like a brick hearth, stained glass light fixture, or copper sink are positively magnetic. You're designing a room in which you want to spend a significant amount of time, and it doesn't hurt if it adds to the resale value of your home. Well-designed traditional kitchens are an excellent investment.

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