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Simple Steps for an Easy, Effective and Inexpensive Kitchen Remodel

5 Simple Steps for an Easy, Effective and Inexpensive Kitchen Remodel
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Are you tired of living with your old and boring, out-of-date kitchen? Maybe you need some help in getting your house sold or rented. A kitchen remodel will often do the trick and can be much simpler than you may have thought. To gut, redesign and rebuild a kitchen can easily cost more than $40,000.00. However, going to this extreme isn't always the answer, especially when you can't and don't want to spend a lot of money. Below are 5 simple steps that can have a huge impact on your kitchen, taking it from dull to dazzling without costing you a fortune.

1) Install Granite Countertops
Granite was once reserved for the most upscale of homes. Being that it is not only incredibly beautiful but also heavy, dense and strong, special machinery is needed for lifting and cutting it. Due to the fact that it is the absolute best material for kitchen counter tops it is in very high demand and technology has become more readily available for working with this special stone which is the hardest stone second only to diamonds. Granite is now the number one requirement for kitchen countertops that new home buyers demand. Adding granite countertops to your old kitchen will instantly update the kitchen's functionality and aesthetics.

2) Add a Coat of Paint
One of the simplest and inexpensive things you can do to improve your kitchen's appearance is add a coat of paint. A different color on the walls will instantly give your kitchen a new look. You may want to consider not only painting the walls but also the cabinets for a new and improved look on them as well. It has been proven that colors can affect our emotions. If you want a more cheerful kitchen you may want to consider shades of yellow, orange or red. If you want a cool and calming feel to your kitchen consider shades of blue, aqua or green. For an elegant and classic feel shades of white, tan, taupe or gray are effective.

3) Update Lighting
Light fixtures go in and out of fashion. An old outdated light fixture can really put a damper on your kitchens' appearance. The old style tube fluorescent lights are often common in kitchens and are not only unattractive to look at but put off the most unflattering light.

Today there are a plethora of beautiful and inexpensive light fixtures that will not only give off pleasant light but also add style to your kitchen. Tiffany style glass, traditional chandeliers, wrought iron fixtures, recessed lighting, track lighting and pendant lighting are just a few of the many options.
If you're going to install marble or granite countertops then definitely consider adding under cabinet recessed lighting. The lighting will illuminate the lustrous countertops as well as giving needed light to your work areas.

4) Install New Cabinet Hardware
After a while, cabinets start to look old and dated. Completely replacing cabinets is a very expensive and labor intensive process. As mentioned previously, painting is one way to give the cabinets a fresh new look. Also, changing out the cabinet knobs and drawer handles can instantly give your kitchen a new updated appearance. Manufacturers are always coming out with new designs for cabinet hardware and it's easy to find something that resonates with your style choice.

5 ) Install a New Sink and Faucet
A new sink and faucet are very inexpensive updates that can give a lot of designer influence to your remodel. There was a time when people mainly chose between either a stainless steel or porcelain sink. Now the choices in material and design are endless. There are under-mounted, farmhouse, drop in, over-mounted, wall-mounted and vessel sinks. The materials available are as extensive as the design types. For example you can choose to have a stainless steel, ceramic, copper, bronze, glass or granite sink.
A new faucet with the new sink can be impressive. Faucets now come with so many new features choices such as sprayers and filters and are available in many beautiful finishes such as chrome, stainless steel, satin nickel, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and polished brass.

Remember you don't have to go bankrupt remodeling your kitchen. If you follow these five simple steps you'll have a kitchen that is more attractive, highly functional and adds value to your home.

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  1. Very cool and helpful informations you've got there. The most important thing to do in remodeling is to stay cheerful and involved in the whole project.