Tuesday, 8 February 2011


By Melissa Roy

More people nowadays find the idea of a sunny cottage with a Tuscan kitchen as their most perfect. If you wish to have a comfortable cottage ambience in your kitchen, the great news is that it's simple and do-it-yourself!
One of the causes Tuscan kitchen is such a great decorating style is that it marks the simple ideas of life: Friends, food and family. A Tuscan kitchen is easy to use, fuss free and decorating in this manner is as easy as paint and a few retouches here and there. That is why most of the household at Chicago and Dallas has got this kind of kitchen,
The walls in this have an exclusive and old-world charm. You can acquire this using a fake painting method. At first, you paint the ramparts a base colour that is bright such as butter yellow or butterscotch. Then, sponge on a darker shade so walls look as if they have faded in some areas. There are several books and Internet websites that can give us step-by-step instructions on this process of using paint, as well as product directions. If you want to you can use textures on your walls using combined compound blended with paint. Spraying the combination onto the walls makes a colour of a genuine country kitchen.

The next areas to paint are doors of a cabinet. One must use a robust, contrasting colour to truly give your kitchen a Tuscan character. Dark reds and forest green colours are especially well known on doors of closets. While you're out searching for the perfect shade of colour, spend few minutes in the hardware area of your house perfecting store. This is a place where you'll find the handles and knobs to put in the concluding touch to the Tuscan doors and drawer areas. Glossy metal or true terracotta knobs will both look great.

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