Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tips on Tuscan Kitchen Ideas

Tips on Tuscan Kitchen Ideas
By Melissa Roy
Most people would like to settle down at the Tuscan country side to get the cosy feeling especially while being in the kitchen. But why go to Tuscan when you can create such an atmosphere right in your very own home. The main reason why people opt for Tuscan kitchen is its bright decorations and the festive mood that it always creates. The speciality Tuscan kitchen is that they look as though they are from an old world and is a something unique. Faux painting technique can be used to attain this old world look. Colours like Butterscotch, preferably Butter yellow can be applied to the walls. When it comes to painting, many books and websites will be able to help and guide you well through the process.
Another important part of the Tuscan kitchen is the kitchen cabinets. The most important thing about the cabinets is that you will have to paint them with strong, contrasting colours to attain the Tuscan kitchen style.

Deep shades of red and forest green are the most preferred choices for the colour of the kitchen cabins in Tuscan kitchen. A very large table is a sure necessity for a Tuscan kitchen and when it comes to chairs, you can use simple ones. This will add a lot of Tuscan style to your kitchen. To make things even better you can rummage through websites that offer you a supply of excellent stylish containers that will store your spices and other things of your kitchen. You can use racks to help you hold your pots and pans. Keeping herbs close to the window sill also does add to a Tuscan kitchen.


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