Friday, 11 February 2011

Types of Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Types of Cabinets for Your Kitchen

As you prepare to remodel your kitchen, why not take the time to change your cabinets? Instead of just painting or refinishing them, consider giving you room a completely new look by replacing them altogether. Doing so could increase the potential value of your home, and it will certainly change the way you feel about your kitchen, a room you spend many hours in every day. If you are going to make this change, do some research to make sure you are choosing the best possible materials.

Maple is a common wood used for kitchen cabinets. It is known as being particularly durable, and it holds many different finishes well because it has a fine grain. This means you can choose just about any color for your cabinetry and it will look great. Maple can yellow when exposed to sunlight, but painting or staining your wood will prevent this problem.

Oak is another popular wood often used in kitchen cabinetry. It is durable like maple, but it does not have quite as many options for staining and painting because of its deep grain. Many modern decorators do not like its look, but you may find it fits your tastes and style well, so do not rule out this common wood until you have seen it for yourself.

If you are looking for something other than a wood look, consider melamine. This is actually a coating that goes over some sort of base material, such as particle board or even metal, and can come in a variety of finishes, including fake wood grain, white, and a variety of retro colors. It is pretty durable against scratches, stains, and flames, and protects the base material from moisture as long as it does not crack. This can be an affordable option that creates a nice look without as much expenses as solid wood cabinets.

You may not think of metal for your home's kitchen, but you already likely have stainless steel appliances. Metal cabinetry is making a comeback, and stainless steel is just one of several options. Copper can also be used to create a warm feel in the room. To cut down on noise, these metals are often placed over less noisy materials, like wood or plywood, which will affect how durable they are.

There are other less conventional methods for creating cabinets. Consider, for instance, bamboo. You can purchase cabinetry with a bamboo veneer, which can hold paint or stain to match the look you want. Again, the material used under the bamboo will have a direct affect on how durable it is.

Glass is yet another option. While your cabinetry cannot be made entirely of glass and nothing else, panes in the wood can add light and visual interest to your kitchen, all while protecting your cupboards from dust and debris.

When it comes to replacing your kitchen storage, the sky is really the limit. You should visit a showroom to see these different cabinetry options for yourself, then make a decision based on what you feel provides the right style combined with the durability you need for a long life for your cabinets.

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