Tuesday, 8 February 2011

How to Get Your Dream Kitchen

How To Get Your Dream Kitchen...

Author: Ron Lonsdale

Your dream kitchen is one you love to be in and to come home too. It doesn\'t just meet your everyday needs - it is much more. A dream kitchen reflects your personality and tastes and fits your lifestyle exactly. It is all about the feeling you get from carefully selecting, installing and using your kitchen.

A kitchen is much more than a place to prepare a meal. It\'s about how it looks, how it feels, and the experience and the emotion of living and creating in the perfect environment.

This means you need to personalize it - put the stamp of your personality on your kitchen. Personalizing your kitchen is all in the details. Your perfect kitchen must be one that:
• you love to live and create in

• it excites your every sense

• reflects you and your personal style

• you must show-off and really impresses your friends

• makes entertaining fun and easy

• works efficiently and quickly for you

• functions as perfectly as it looks

A perfect kitchen comes in many forms and is made up of numerous components and appliances. From lighting to cabinetry you need to select the best products. Your ideal kitchen is one that is filled with items that are beautiful, durable and function perfectly together.

You must have the best quality and value components for your kitchen. Today\'s dream kitchen is one of the biggest, if not the biggest investment you will make in your home.

After choosing your cabinets and appliances, it\'s a good time to put the final touches on your kitchen to make it run like a well-oiled, personalized machine.

The lights in your kitchen make a big impact. Small accessories will influence the style of your kitchen and determine how easy it is to use. Versatile work surfaces are critical for a functional space that allows you to create. It\'s your kitchen, so let your personality shine through!

Your dream kitchen is not about the price. A well designed, finely crafted kitchen can be designed and built at a reasonable cost. Establishing a realistic budget for your project and shopping accordingly are essential.

Choosing your kitchen style and bringing it to life is really the fun part. Cabinetry is available at a wide range of prices. You don\'t have to invest in the most expensive cabinetry on the market to build the perfect kitchen. You can save by selecting and buying the components yourself and developing a plan and budget based on your needs.

Surfaces must be smooth and seamless. Cupboards should go up to the ceiling eliminating dust catching wasted space. Bench tops should have no visible joins with under bench sinks that sit below the bench top so you can\'t see the edges. To ensure you design your dream kitchen you must:

• streamline all surfaces

• integrate appliances - make them scarce

• choose a beautiful splashback

• select a modern bench top

• use an island for entertaining

• choose color to create calm

• design the right layout

• switch to clever lighting

• minimize handles

• maximize your storage

When it comes to getting a perfect new kitchen a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. Planning will save you time, money and ensure your kitchen totally meets your needs.

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